Laydilay Organic Eggs

HENS FOR SALE (January 2016)

Our flock called the Katies have now come of age to find new homes – please click here for further details if you are interested.

Putting the chicken before the egg

Welcome to our website.  Laydilay is a small family run business primarily concerned with producing cracking eggs and a few spin off products. Feel free to browse and have a look at our products – hens, eggs, mayonnaise, meringues and macaroons.

A tasty range of organic productsAll our products are organic.  We believe this is a sustainable form of farming that takes a more wholistic view of food production placing the welfare of our animals at the heart of what we do.

We believe that by putting the hen first and taking care of her needs, she will more than pay for her board and rent with an abundance of fantastic tasting eggs.  This approach starts from when they arrive on our farm as day old chicks and continues on until their retirement – so far we have been able to re-home all our older ladies.