We have had a lot of very positive feedback on the quality and taste of our eggs.  Many factors appear to affect the quality of the eggs – age of the hens, age of the egg, time of year, stockmanship, feed and to a much lesser extent, breed.


We have had a lot of good feed back on the quality of our eggs

It is hard to put a finger on what exactly produces a great tasting egg with a rich coloured yolk, firm white and strong shell but we believe that having access to good quality pasture, scratch wheat and vegetables and feed on the range to encourage the hens outside all have an important part to play. Constant contact with the hens within the paddock and houses means the hens are calm and used to us which must lead to an environment conducive to laying good eggs.

Shelf Life

The shelf life on our eggs as per Defra is 28 days from lay.  We sell our eggs within 1 – 5 days after lay and recommend that once bought by the end consumer the eggs benefit from being refrigerated.

Grading and Stamping

All our eggs have to be stamped with our producer number, country of origin and a number that indicates whether it is organic free range, free range, barn or caged.  Our number is 0UK17342. 

The numbers on eggs are:

  • 0 – Organic Free Range
  • 1 – Free Range
  • 2 – Barn
  • 3 – Caged

All our eggs are weight graded over a small grading machine that separates out egg sizes according to weight.  These are a European standard and are as follows:

  • Extra Large 73+g
  • Large 63 – 73g
  • Medium 53 – 62g
  • Smalls 43 – 52g

Graded eggs are either packed into half dozens boxes for retailers or onto flat trays of 30 for caterers

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